Master of Physics

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Master of Physics 2018-2022The objective of the Master of physics is to give a high-level formation in fundamental and experimental physics covering a very vast domain of the Physics. It is also a question of bringing to the students an international opening and a big capacity of compatible adaptation with the current evolution of the activities in research and industrial development in numerous domains:

  • Particles Physics and Astroparticles, Theoretical Physics
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Physics of the complex systems, Complexity of the living world
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Electromagnetic radiation, its Interaction with the Matter, Analysis and Signal processing, Optics Photonics and Image Processing
  • Fusion and Plasmas, and domains related to the Energy Harvesting

The Master's degree also offers an opening to the secondary teaching, with a serious preparation for the competitions of the French "Agrégation" in physics and chemestry, physics major.

A distance learning Master of physics (MPAD) is a robust general formation in the main domains of the fundamental physics.


International public of students avid to complete a formation in physics with possibility of doing a training course multidisciplinary or specialized in a theme of the Master's degree, for a continuation in doctorate or an occupational integration at the level bac+5, candidates for the competition of the "Agrégation" of physics and chemistry, physics major.


The students having validated two years of their Master of physics can join the parcour competence complementary in computing (CCI) to aquérire the double competence in computing.


  • Admission in M1 by file evaluation : license with Physical dominant after verification of the adequacy of previous training. Test of admission in case of overtaking of the capacity.
  • Automatic admission in M2 for the students holders of the M1 of the mention.
  • Admission by file evaluation in M2 for the students holders of a M1 (or equivalent degree) of another mentions or universities.