Admission procedure

Admission to the Fundamental Physics (FunPhys) program

for the Master degree in Physics

Academic year 2020-2021


  • It is reminded that a Master's degree is a 2-year training program. In order to be taught in a more coherent way, it is advised to enroll in the 1st year of the curriculum. Eligible students are those who have obtained a Science degree in Physics, or a 3rd year of engineering or foreign equivalent. Good performance in previous years of education is expected.
  • Enrolment in the 2nd year: future 1st year Master students will be entitled to enrolment if they have completed the Master-1 year. For students coming from other universities the enrolment is possible. Eligible students are those that have completed a first year master in physics, or are holder of an engineer diploma or foreign equivalent. Good performance in previous years of education is expected. An interview may be requested by officials of the Master.

Please, note that since the Master is internationally open, the classes will be taught in English and a good level of understanding is therefore required.


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Deadlines in the 2020 year

Application procedures for the academic year 2020-2021

For the 1st Master year (M1)

E-candidat submission

June 11

Campus France

March 31

March 31

For the 2nd Master year (M2)

E-candidat submission

July 10


Application process for year 2020-2021 

Since the Master of Physics mainly competes with other Master programs in France aiming at enrolling students with a high level of academic achievement, and as the application process takes time, with paperwork involved, we strongly advise to apply for the program as soon as possible(!) within the deadlines as the competition for places is harsh - especially for the 1st Master year, the capacity cannot exceed 60 students.

 Paperwork involved 

Candidates will have to deal with various steps of the process. Applications will be considered only if all the requests are fulfilled.

Please, note that depending on situation (country of residence), either the e-candidature procedure needs to be followed, or the Campus France procedure is required.

You can have a look at the official tabular (in French) at the Faculty of Sciences here, or in English here.

The required steps are described in details below:



  •  Campus-France procedure (this procedure only concerns foreign students for specific countries of residence see link to the list below. Beware: application is required before end of March usually!)

In both cases, it is requested two

  • Recommendation letters (only for candidates who were not previously enrolled in the M1-year of the Master in Physics at AMU and thus applying for the 2nd-year Master directly from outside AMU).

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If you have any trouble going through the procedure, please contact the Master administration office.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The application period runs from March to the application deadline. Candidates are thus asked as early as March to deal with:


E-candidature (open from April 1, 2020)

All students (except those concerned by the Campus France procedure) need to complete the Aix-Marseille on-line application procedure:

 The on-line procedure can be completed through the application e-candidature where you have to upload the required documents before the indicated deadline.

A guide in French is available here. A guide in English is also available under this link.

Once your account has been created on the e-candidat application online, apply:


  • For the 1st year of the Master program in Physics: select "Master 1 Physique MARSEILLE Saint-Charles"Student's confirmation for registration @AMU: July 7, 2020

 **Specific time line for candidates' online applications for the 1st year Master program.

 June 11, 2020: Closing date for candidate registration to the 1st year.

 June 14, 2020: Deadline for supplying all the supporting documents required for the application to the 1st year. This closing date will be applied countrywide.

June 22, 2020: Deadline for the Master to provide by email through the e-candidat process a written response to the 1st-year applicants (final approval or refusal).

 July 7, 2020: Deadline for successful applicants to confirm their enrollment in the 1st Master year at AMU.


  • For the 2nd year of the Master program in Physics: select "Master 2 Physique : Physique MARSEILLE Saint-Charles", if you are interested by training Master courses in fundamental physics. Deadline for application:  July 10, 2020.


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 For your information, the e-candidature administrative application should contain:

  •     Curriculum vitae
  •     Covering letter
  •     Transcripts since graduation from high school included
  •     In case the Degree is not available yet, provide the transcripts of the courses already taken
  •     Program of courses previously taken
  •     Copy of your passport  (a copy of your passport or ID is also valid)
  •    Results of the T.C.F. is NOT required contrary to what is often mentioned! The TCF is a test of your knowledge in French requested in some cases by Campus France. However, please note carefully that the courses will be taught in English during the Master! Any issues from Campus France officers with this requirement should be cautiously discussed with the heads of the FunPhys Master program before any administrative application deadlines, so that we can get in touch with Campus France officers in your country to explain the situation. On the other hand, certificates ensuring your English language proficiency are more than welcome (like TOEFL certificates etc).

      French translation of foreign diplomas and transcripts must be authenticated and stamped by the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of France in the country of origin or by an official translator (documents in English do not need to be translated).


Recommendation Letters

     If you apply for the 2nd-year Master directly from outside AMU, ask for two confidential recommendation letters (only for candidates who were not previously enrolled in the M1-year of the Master in Physics at AMU):

    Once your application has been submitted, and before mid-June , please arrange for two confidential recommendation letters to be sent directly by one professor of your current year of education and a professor/researcher supervising your last year research internship (ex: Master 1 internship). These letters should be emailed directly by your professors to the Master administration office.

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    Campus France Application

    Follow the Campus France procedure if applicable (for foreign students only, from one of the country of residence listed by Campus France):

    BEWARE, the Campus France application process needs to be usually fulfilled before the end of March.

    To find the FunPhys study program on the Campus France website: see the "Master's degree in physics - Physics Track" in Marseille by selecting on the l.h.s.: Master, Sciences, taught in EN, National degree and by type "Marseille" inside the search bar on the top of the page.

    According to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and depending on your country of origin, some foreign applicants should contact the agency CAMPUS FRANCE (CF) in order to obtain their visas. Note that CF applicants must also follow all previous steps in addition to their CF application. Please, note that the application cannot be considered until official validation by CAMPUS FRANCE first.

    A list of Campus France contacts depending on your country of residence can be found in the document here. As the Campus France application deadline is March the 31th, we strongly suggest you get in touch with the Campus France representative as soon as possible.

    Applicants are informed of their possible provisional admission soon we receive the relevant information in the application package. Warning: this admission is provisional and subject to final approval (in July) by the President of the admission committee of the University of Aix-Marseille. It is therefore strongly advised not to wait until the end of June to apply.

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    Registration fees at Aix-Marseille University are about (for more detail, see here):
    • MASTER: 243 €,
    • French National contribution (CVEC): 90 €.
    • The academic year starts in early September and ends early July, and students belong to AMU up to end of August.

    • Once admitted, final administrative registration at the University of Aix-Marseille will take place in September.


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    Head of the Master of Physics: Laurent Raymond