Galaxies and Cosmology-S3

Galaxies and Cosmology

Contact: Christophe Adami


I. Basic description of the cosmological model

  1. General framework
  2. Privileged models and main cosmological parameters

II. Constraining the characteristics of the Universe: key methods

1) The growth of structure

• Initial matter density perturbations
• Dynamical evolution of the large-scale structure and redshift-space distortions
• Weak lensing tomography
• Massive structures, cluster physics and redshift evolution

2) The geometry of the Universe
•  Supernovae type 1A as standard candles
• Cosmic Microwave Background: physical sources and anisotropy
• Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
• Weak gravitational lensing

3) Large-scale structure and galaxy distribution: numerical stimulations and analytical prescriptions
• High-performance computing and numerical modelling
• From intergalactic to circumgalactic medium
• Modelling physical processes in the ISM: star formation and feedback
• Matching models and observations

III. The planned milestone and key projects

  1. The milestones
  2. Related key projects: present and future