General Relativity_S3

 An introduction to General Relativity

Contacts: Carlo Rovelli, Thomas Schücker and A. Perez

  1. Preliminaries
    • General presentation of the theory
    • Special relativity
    • Math
  2. The theory
    • Physical, conceptual and mathematical bases
    • The central idea
    • Behavior of matter in a gravitational field
    • Einstein's equations
  3. Applications
    • Gravitational field of a mass
    • Black holes
    • Cosmology
    • Gravitational waves
  4. Black Hole Physics:
    1) Introduction (Notation, review of the basics, motivation)
    2) Revisiting the spherically symmetric solution (interior and exterior solution)
    3) The Schwarzshild solution in more detail: geodesics, tests of general relativity.
    4) Removing the apparent Shwarzschild singularity, Kruskal extension.
    5) Conformal compactification of asymptotically flat spacetimes; asymptotic infinities,
    general definition of black hole.
    6) The Kerr-Newman family: most general stationary black hole solutions.
    7) Extracting energy from a black hole: the Penrose mechanism.
    8) Hawking area theorem as a limitation for energy gain.
    9) Superradiance.
    10) The laws of black hole mechanics; analogy with thermodynamics.
    11) Particles creation via quantum effects; Hawking BH radiation.
    12) Black hole thermodynamics.
    13) Implications for quantum gravity.