Laser Created Plasmas-S3

Laser Created Plasmas

Contact: O. Peyrusse

1) Introduction to the various kinds of lasers as tools to produce and study different kinds of plasmas

2) Basics of Laser-Matter Interaction :
• Maxwell equations, wave-equation in matter, response of the medium (dielectric function)
• Drude-Lorentz model
• Transient electronic properties
• The different interaction regimes : weakly perturbative (non-linear optics) ; perturbative (radiation damage, ablation, cold plasma production)  ; strongly perturbative (hot plasma production, relativistic regime)

3) Laser-plasma hydrodynamics :
• The one-fluid two-temperature model coupled with laser energy deposition.
• Specific topics (Ionization state, Equation-of-State, electron transport)

4) Scientific and Industrial applications :
• Low flux plasma processes (laser carving, drilling, Laser-induced Forward Transfer, material structuration, laser cleaning)
• Pump-probe diagnostic processes
• High flux plasma processes : X-ray generation, Laser particle acceleration


P. Gibbon, Short Pulse Laser Interactions with Matter: An Introduction (Imperial College Press 2005) ;

W.L. Kruer, The Physics of Laser Plasma Interactions (Addison-Wesley, 1988)