List of FunPhys Lectures and their content

List of FunPhys Lectures

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Choices are to be made depending on specializing all along the training program, see Table here.

1 ECTS = 10 hours of courses/exercice sessions.


S1: mandatory

(2x 6 ECTS)

(3x 4 ECTS)

S2: choose 4 / 14 (4x 4 ECTS)

S3: choose 3 / 12 (3x 6 ECTS)

S3: choose 3 / 20 (3x 4 ECTS)


  • Depending on the orientation, one choice for 4 credits among:Structure and properties of condensed matter

                  - Choose 1 course in the S2-list

              - possibly 2x courses shared with the doctoral level (among which Black Hole specializing course)

                 - A workshop on the observation site of the Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP)

                 - Choose a project on Magnetic Confinement Fusion at CEA-Cadarache


  • Research Internship in a lab or a work experience in a company (4 months) (18 credits). The rest of the semester 4 is devoted to a research project under the direction of a researcher of the host laboratories of the Department of Physics at University of Aix-Marseille or in CenTuri Institute on living sytems, or other laboratories in France or abroad. The training period is 4 months (March-June) and is concluded by the presentation of a written report (of about 50 pages) and an oral public defense of 20 minutes (early July).