Plamas Physics - S2

Plasma Physics

Contacts: O. Peyrusse & P. Beyer


Preliminaries : Reminder on Maxwell's equations, macroscopic fields

General considerations on classical plasmas

  • Plasma frequency, Debye length
  • Microscopic (corpuscular) formulation

Kinetic formulation

  • Concepts of kinetic theory, Liouville equation
  • Equation for the one-particle distribution function
  • Vlasov and Boltzmann equations, notion of collision operator

Fluid Formulation

  • Derivation of fluid equations from kinetic theory
  • Plasma as a mixture of 2 fluids

Electronic plasma waves 

  • Plasma Oscillations : fluid approach
  • Plasma Oscillations : kinetic approach (Landau damping)

Collision phenomena in plasmas

  • Preliminary: kinematic analysis, dynamic analysis of a Coulombian scattering event
  • Collisions between corpuscles in plasmas
  • Characteristic collision frequencies in maxwellian plasmas

Electromagnetic waves in plasmas

  • EM wave without external magnetic field in a cold plasma
  • EM wave with external magnetic field in a homogeneous plasma – propagation perpendicular to B, parallel to B. Application to Faraday rotation.

Radiation mechanisms in plasmas

  • Emission and absorption mechanisms (atomic transitions, recombination radiation, Bremsstrahlung)
  • Population of energy levels (laws of the local thermodynamic equilibrium, collisional-radiative equilibrium)

Trajectory of a charged particle in a magnetic field

  • Cyclotronic movement and drift
  • Confinement geometries (magnetic bottle, toric configurations)

Introduction to Thermonuclear Fusion

  • Nuclear reactions; reaction rates 
  • Power balance; ignition, Lawson criterion