Project on Magnetic Confinement Fusion at CEA-Cadarache-S4

Project on Magnetic Confinement Fusion at CEA-Cadarache

Contact: G. Fuhr


) Numerical resolution of partial differential equations (PDEs): Analysis of Numerical Schemes
• Classification of PDEs (parabolic, elliptic, hyperbolic)
• Consistency, Stability and Error Analysis, application to finite difference methods
• Simplectic & High Resolution Numerical Schemes (e.g. Lax, WENO)

II) Numerical resolution of PDEs : Finite Elements & Spectral Methods
• integral formulation and implementation
• spectral method and expansion functions

III) Applications and resolution of PDEs via finite differences, finite elements, spectral methods ; comparison of these methods :
• advection-diffusion equation
• wave propagation
• molecular dynamics
• charged particle's motion in a magnetic field
• Burger's equation
• Hasegawa-Mima equation / Navier Stokes equation
• Poisson equation
• solar system