Radiation Matter Interaction, Radiative Transfer-S3

Radiation Matter Interaction, Radiative Transfer

Contact: Pr. Olivier Peyrusse


1) Emission and Absorption of radiation between discrete levels, coefficients for emission and absorption, induced effects
2) A brief introduction to line broadening
3) Spectral emission of a plasma – free-free, free-bound emission and absorption
4) Semi-classical evaluation of the cross section for photoionization and Bremsstrahlung
5) Theoretical evaluation of transition probabilities between discrete levels  
6) Statistical equilibrium models for the atomic or ionic populations :
  (a) Microscopic processes
  (b) Local Thermodynamical Equilibrium laws (Statistical Mecanics derivation)
  (c) Non Local Thermodynamical Equilibrium (the most general context) : Collisional-Radiative Equilibrium
7) Formal Radiation Transfer Theory
  (a) Main radiative quantities, moments of the radiative intensity
  (b) Derivation of the radiative transfer equation (RTE)
  (c) Simplification of the angular problem ; moments of the RTE ; Eddington closure ; main approximations (P1, Diffusion, radiative conduction)  
8) Detailed Balance and microreversibility
9) Radiation-Matter energy coupling


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