Relativité / Relativity

Contact: Alexandro Perez

Special Relativity:

1) Introduction and Motivation: the relativity of motion, Galileo transformations, assumptions.
2) Electromagnetism and the speed of light form Maxwell Equations.
3) Maxwell equations from an action principle.
4) Lorentz Transformations as the fundamental symmetry of electromagnetic interactions.
5) Tensor, vectors: physics in terms of inertial coordinates and beyond.
6) Maxwell equations in tensor notations.

General relativity:
1) The relativity of inertial forces: The equivalence principle, gravity as geometry.
2) Tensor, vectors on curved spacetimes
3) More basic elements of differential geometry:
 covariant derivatives, parallel transport, geodesics, curvature.
4) Derivation of Einsteins equations
5) Cosmological solutions: the FLRW solutions (elements of the standard model of cosmology).
6) The static spherical solution: a spherical star in GR, the Schwarzshild Black Hole solution.
7) Gravitational waves.
8) Gravitational wave detection.