Spectroscopie, Imagerie, Détection / Spectroscopy, Images, Detection-S2

Spectroscopy, Images, Detection

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Classical approach of radiation

  • Emission of an electromagnetic wave, classical electric dipole radiation, synchrotron
  • radiation
  • Absorption and scattering, lineshape, dielectric function
  • Optical properties of materials and spectroscopies
  • Vibrational and electronic energy levels
  • in atoms, molecules and solids
  • Absorption and emission spectroscopies, Fermi
  • golden rule
  • Elementary collective excitations in solids
  • (phonon, plasmon, exciton)

Elastic and Inelastic scattering

  • Coherence, diffraction by a crystal, inelastic scattering
  • Basic theory of Lasers


  • X-ray Imaging, tomographie. Sound and ultrasound imaging.