Structure and properties of condensed matter-S3

Structure and properties of condensed matter

Contacts: P. Mueller & O. Thomas

  1. Large scale facilities to investigate the structure of matter : physical principles. Synchrotron radiation, neutron sources, transmission electron microscopy.
  2. A short reminder on quantons (photons, neutrons, électrons)-matter interaction : Absorption, Scattering (inelastic and elastic).
  3. Structure of condensed matter : Pair distribution function / short range order : glasses / long range order : quasi-crystals and crystals / Intermediate states : liquid crystals.
  4. Long range periodic order : Bravais lattices. Diffraction by lattices. Reciprocal space. Structure factor and extinctions. Surface diffraction and diffraction from nanocrystals.
  5. Point groups. Influence of symmetry on properties (Curie-Neumann principle). Tensorial properties: piezoelectricity, birefringence, elasticity etc
  6. Size effects in condensed matter and properties of nano-objects: Critical lengths, surface effects, confinement effects, grain effects.