Physique Théorique et Mathématique, Physique des Particules et Astroparticules

Theoretical & Mathematical Physics, Particle Physics & Astroparticles (P3TMA)

 Welcome to our Master 2 progam   (All classes given in English) 

The Master 2 level P3TMA provides students with a solid level of knowledge in theoretical and experimental physics, allowing them to pursue a research career. It is mainly based on the experience of researchers from the two host laboratories, CPPM and CPT, but has also strong links to other laboratories and programs.

The students can choose among 3 main orientations :

  • O1: Relativistic Theoretical Physics
  • O2: Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics
  • O3: Particle Physics and Astroparticles

We encourage excellent students (both national and international) to apply to our 2nd year Master Program. The P3TMA program has a record of excellence. This tradition of high quality formation for high quality students matches the needs of academic institutions world-wide. This is reflected in what has become of the students previously enrolled in the P3TMA program. 

The duration of the program is 10 months starting in September. More details concerning how the P3TMA program is organized is shown here.

 Academy of Excellence of Aix-Marseille University

The P3TMA master 2 program has been awarded in June 2013 the label "Academy of Excellence" of the Aix-Marseille University and was funded for 3 years by the A*MIDEX project of AMU. This label has been renewed in June 2016 up to August 2018.


A new 2-year Master program is being elaborated in the Aix-Marseille University. The P3TMA thematics will be embedded from 2018 on into the 2-year Master of Physics AMU offer. Students holding a Master 1 level diploma can still apply to a direct Master 2 level entry to the Master of Physics. More details will be given at later time on this webpage (click here). For more information, please contact us at : .



Candidate Higgs --> ZZ* --> eeμμ

Candidate Higgs →ZZ*→eeμμ in the ATLAS detector.       Blackboard after a TH brainstorming!


 Featured event: 

P3TMA students of year 2017/2018 will go end of October 2017 for a 2-day visit to the Virgo experiment close to Pisa, Italy.

The Virgo observatory              2 black hole merging (artist view)

Left: Photograph of Virgo interferometer        ;        Right: Artist view of two black holes fusion (© C. Carreau / ESA)


Link to the indico site with presentations of that day available here.

P3TMA students (2016-2017) at the Fabry-Perot place, at the Virgo experiment.