2017-2018 First Week

Detailled agenda of the first week (September 2017)
from Monday 4th to Friday 8th, 2017


  • Please note that all classes will be given on the Campus of Luminy of the Aix-Marseille University (note that the map of the campus of Luminy is shown here: map ).
  • The presence of all students is mandatory during all presentations on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The detailed agenda of the courses for the first semester will be shown here .

First day of the Master 2 P3TMA: Monday 4 september 2017

       8h30- 12h30 Welcome and presentation of first semester courses of the Master 2 P3TMA (location: CPPM, main amphitheater)

        8h30-9h00: Welcome of Students.
        9h00-9h45: Organization of P3TMA program for the first and second semesters / answers to questions (M. Barbero and S. Lazzarini)
        9h45-10h00: Presentation of experimental projects (J.-P. Ernenwein, J. Busto, W. Gillard, S. Lazzarini)
        10h00-10h30: Presentation of the 2 courses on mathematical methods for physics:
            Mathematical and statistical methods for physics ( J.-P. Ernenwein and C. Schimd). See also Program
            Mathematical methods and group theory (O. Ogievetsky) Program
        10h30-10h45: break
        Presentation of the 7 core courses: (depending on which orientation you are following, you need to choose some of these courses and tell us on Wednesday during the interviews)

         10h45-11h00: Relativistic cosmology (C. Marinoni) Program
         11h00-11h15: Advanced quantum mechanics (S. Lazzarini and A. Perez) Program
         11h15-11h30: Statistical mechanics (T. Martin) Program
         11h30-11h45: Particle physics (M. Talby) Program
         11h45-12h00: General Relativity (C. Rovelli) Program
         12h00-12h15: Quantum field theory (M. Knecht) Program
         12h15-12h30: Nonlinear phenomena :dynamical systems and chaos (X. Leoncini and M. Pettini) Program


            Lunch break

            14h00-16h00: "Formation Nouveaux Entrants" / "New entrants to CPPM". This is a presentation intended for all frequent visitors to the CPPM (and you will be one of them!), explaining security issues of many sorts, which concerns activities you might have in the CPPM. This class will also take place in the CPPM amphitheater.


Tuesday 5 September 2017

    8h45-11h30: Presentations of research activities at the "Centre de Physique Théorique de Marseille" (location: CPT, lecture room 5)


       8h45: Meet outside of TPR2 building big hall. Be sharp on time!

       09h00-09h15: Health and Safety information about the CNRS building by David BEDIKIAN,    
       09h15-09h30: Welcome from the director of CPT, Thierry Martin,

       09h30-09h45: Nanophysics (T. Martin),
       09h45-10h00: Quantum dynamics and spectral analysis (J.M. Barbaroux / Annalisa Panati),
       10h00-10h15: Statistical physics and complex systems (A. Barrat),
       10h15-10h30: Elementary particle physics (A. Bharucha),
       10h30-10h45: Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications (X. Leoncini), (fusion E7+E8)
       10h45-11h00: Geometry, physics and symmetries (S. Lazzarini),
       11h00-11h15: Cosmology (C. Marinoni),
       11h15-11h30: Quantum gravity (A. Perez).

        All slides for this morning presentation can be accessed on this link. 

    11h30-14h00: Lunch time (Luminy campus)

    14h00-17h00: Presentations of research activities at the "Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille" (location: CPPM, main amphitheater):

                         (preliminary schedule)

        14h00-14h15: Welcome from the director of the CPPM Cristinel Diaconu ,
        14h15-14h25: Presentation of the CPPM library by Danielle Cristofol,
        Particle physics:
            14h25-14h45: ATLAS experiment at LHC (Laurent Vacavant)
            14h45-15h00: LHCb experiment at LHC (Olivier Leroy) ,
            15h00-15h10: SUPERNEMO neutrino experiment (José Busto),
        20 minutes break
        Astroparticle physics:
            15h30-15h50: ANTARES and KM3Net (Vincent Bertin / Juergen Brunner)
            15h50-16h05: CTA  (Heide Costantini)
        Observational cosmology;
            16h05-16h30: RENOIR activities : SLNS, BOSS, LSST, Euclid (Anne Ealet / William Gillard / Dominique Fouchez) 
        Valorisation (societal applications of particle physics):
            16h30-16h45: imXgam (Christian Morel)

            16h45 Closure.


Wednesday 6 September 2017

    8h30-18h (CPPM, room "Sugiton" 3rd floor) : 10' minutes individual meetings between each students and the responsibles of the Master 2 P3TMA to discuss about your projects, answer to your questions etc.. You will also be asked to decide the list of core courses that you will follow in the first semester.

    Please check here your time for this indvidual meeting (please register at University during the same day if possible, you typically would go and see the P3TMA secretary Chantal Rousseau right after talking to us: liste_appoinments_Chantal_ROUSSEAU).

The documents needed for this inscription are listed here (in french, sorry about that, get help from french speaking fellow students to get started):

Registration_file ; Documents_to_bring_along ; About scocial security ; some document about duties of students ; Some_Explanations ; picture_policy