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Student seminars /Séminaires étudiants:

In the first semester, in parallel to the "standard lectures", students should prepare an oral presentation on a research topic as proposed on the list you can find below. The list of topics proposed is to be found on the link HERE. The topics could for example be based on scientific articles. To prepare for this presentation, the student should invest about 20 hours of personal work, but she / he will be helped by a researcher / professor. On top of being good training for the students (understanding articles, preparation of talk in a pedagogical approach, oral presentation skills, etc...) this also will provide the students with first links to the research teams...

The list of topics proposed is to be found on the link HERE


Computing projects / Projets Informatiques: YEAR 2017/2018

The document under THIS LINK, gives more detailled information about all computing projects



Research Internships and/or PhD topics (PREVIOUS YEAR: 2016-2017):

Note that M2 and thesis propositions in the CPPM and in the CPT can usually be found here:
M2 / PhD topics in random order (year 2016-2017):
 If interested by the Virgo experiment, we advise applying directly to the research groups involved in this effort (virgo website Our helpful host the day of our visit to the Virgo / Ego site was Nicolas Arnaud <>, who might also be able to provide some help.
 Offers from the SPE (Université de Corse).